Sound Deadening

Deadens sound in residential or comercial buildings. Used in single or multi-family housing and professional buildings. Useful in room partitions.

Fabric Wrap Wall Treatments

Ideal substrate for custom textured fabric wrap panels. Provides sound deadening, insulation and tackability.

Protective Floor Covering

Protects all floor finishes, carpet, slate, wood floors, etc during remodeling or new construction.

Bulletin Boards

Becomes the quick, inexpensive, tackable answer. Put up a bulletin board in your home, office, workshop, factory, etc. Can be painted.

Industrial Uses

Protect and save industrial parts or packaging. Homasote is tough, protective, cushioning and reusable. Ideal for displays and cut-out letters, saw-cut or die-cut.

Vehicle Floor Liner

Protects vehicle flooring and contents. Tough, cushioning and durable.